Grading varies between makers.  My pins are separated in to standard grade pins and seconds grade pins.  I do not offer collector grade pins in my shop.  Enamel pins are a handmade product.  Minor flaws are inevitable.  I personally inspect every single pin and grade it under a high standard.

Standard Grade Pins

I do not offer collector grade pins in my shop.  Minor flaws are inevitable in these handmade products. Minor flaws include:

-Minor scratches

-Minor low enamel fill

-Small bubbles

-Dark glitter specks

-Slightly misaligned screen printing

These flaws are usually not noticeable unless under close inspection. 

Seconds Grade Pins

Seconds exhibit more noticeable flaws which is why they are sold at a discounted price.  Seconds grade flaws include:

-Noticeable scratches

-Noticeable bubbles

-Visible glitter specks

-Low or over enamel fill

-Misaligned screen printing


Like enamel pins, keychains are also a handmade product.  Standard grade keychains may have minor scratching or scuffing and minor bubbling in paint.

Second grade keychains will have more noticeable scratching and scuffing and more visible bubbling in paint.

**DISCLAIMER**  all keychains are made from plastic or acrylic which are susceptible to scratching and scuffing.  The harder you are on your keys, the more scuffed your keychain will become over time!